Member Directory

As of November 4, 2017:

4 Elements Farm, Westwold, Certified
Avenue M, Kelowna, Application
Barriere River Farms (facebook), Barriere, Application
Bastion Ranch, Tappen, Certified
Bella Stella Cheese, Lumby, Certified
Blind Tiger Vineyard, Winfield, Certified
Brookside Orchards, Vernon, Certified
Brymac Farms, Lake Country, Certified
Cariboo Permaculture, Quesnel, Transitional 2
Cedarstein Farm, Lumby, Certified
Chuckleberry Community Farm, Beasley, Application
Claremont Ranch Organics, Lake Country, Certified
Coldstream Creek Road Orchard, Coldstream, Certified
Crannóg Ales, Sorrento, Certified
Crooked Sky Farm, Enderby, Certified
Curlew Orchards, Vernon, Transitional 1
Curly Willow Farm, Grindrod, Certified
Enderberry Farm, Enderby, Transitional
Firefly Farm, Kelowna, Certified
Fluster Cluck (facebook), Lillooet, Certified
Freedom Farm, Vavenby, Application
Garden Gate, Kamloops, Certified
Golden Ears Farm, Chase, Certified
Granby Gardens Organic Farm, Grand Forks, Under Review
Happy Valley Organics, Kelowna, Certified
Healthy Hugs Organics (facebook), Smithers, Certified
Hillside Gardens, Williams Lake, Certified
Kazy Farm Organics (facebook), Salmon Arm, Certified
Kettle River Farm, Grand Forks, Certified
Kirbydale Farm, Edgewood, Certified
Lannon Farm, Lytton, Certified
Lavoie Family Farm, Port Clement, Transitional
LaRiviere Farm (facebook), Coldstream, Certified
Learmouth Farm, Coldstream, Certified
Left Fields Artisans Community Co-op, Sorrento, Certified
Little Creek Gardens, Kelowna, Certified
Mackin Creek Farm (facebook), Williams Lake, Certified
Manly Meadows, Grand Forks, Certified
Mara Valley Produce (facebook), Grindrod, Certified
Moss and Mirth Farm, Armstrong, Certified
Notch Hill Organic Farm, Sorrento, Certified
Organic Acres, Monte Creek, Certified
Paradise Valley Produce, Powell River, Application
Pilgrims’ Produce, Armstrong, Certified
Quail’s Farm, Vernon, Certified
Remo Harvest, Terrace, Certified
Rise Over Run Farm, Maple Ridge, Certified
Robson Valley Sheep Company, McBride, Certified
Rocky Ridge Farm, Mara, Certified
Roots & Greens Farm, Grindrod, Certified
Roots Up! Vegetable Farm, Chase, Certified
Sand Creek Organics, Grand Forks, Certified
Sapo Bravo Organics, Vancouver, Certified
Sky Harvest, Vancouver, Certified
Slow Train Farm, Williams Lake, Certified
Spencer Hill Orchard, Grand Forks, Certified
Spray Creek Ranch, Lillooet, Certified
SSOL Gardens, Kamloops, Certified
Stein Mountain Farm (facebook), Lytton, Certified
Stepney Hills Farm, Armstrong, Certified
Sweet Haven Farm, Tappen, Certified
Tasty Acres on 30th, Salmon Arm, Certified
Thistle Farm, Kamloops, Certified
Thunder Hill Farms, Lake Country, Certified
UBC Farm, Vancouver, Certified
Unearthed Fine Veggies and Herbs, Kelowna, Application
Valhalla Farms, Merritt, Certified
Vancouver Food Pedalers, Vancouver, Certified
Wild Flight Farm, Mara, Certified
Wise Earth Farm, Kelowna, Certified
WoodGrain Farm, Hazelton, Certified