Welcome to NOOA

NOOA is thrilled to have launched its first-ever website in 2017! It should be considered an ongoing work in progress. Keep checking in to find new information about events and updated member lists.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to NOOA

    1. lmtsutsumi

      If you certify with NOOA, they could only be sold in BC. If you certify with PACS, you would be able to sell across borders.


    1. lmtsutsumi

      Hi Cheryl,
      Our Administrator has come back with the following:
      The standards have some allowance for seed treatments but are not necessarily in line with the NOP. It would need to be looked at for the type of pelletization and any additional substances that have been included.

      CAB/CGSB 32.311 Table 4.3
      Seed treatments Microbial products, kelp, yucca, gypsum, clays and botanicals.
      See Table 4.3 Peracetic Acid; Treated Seeds.
      Peracetic (peroxyacetic)acid
      Permitted for:
      a) controlling fire blight bacteria; and
      b) disinfecting seed and asexually propagated planting material.
      See Table 4.3 Seed treatments; Treated seeds.
      Treated seed Seed treated with biological management agents is permitted.
      Seed pelletized with clay, gypsum, biological organisms (such as Rhizobium) or other
      non-synthetic coatings is permitted. Plastic polymer pelletization of seed is prohibited.


      1. Cheryl James

        Thank you! This is very helpful. It seems easier just to stick with ordering seeds that are Certified Organic.


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