Application, Inspection & Fee Schedule

Overview of the Certification Process

Organic Certification Overview

Online Application Form

Whether you are an existing member of NOOA or a New Applicant: click the link to our online application. *New Applicants please contacts us prior to beginning your application**  We are always happy to help! (Paper copies of the application are also available upon request)

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Downloadable Application Form


Appendix 1 – Farm Map
Appendix 3 – Transition Plan
Appendix 4 – Input Record
Appendix 9 – Handling Plan

Record K – Simple on farm processing
Organic Product Profile Sheet
Common Records

Record A – Site Identification
Record B – Land Use History
Record E – Equipment Cleaning
Record I – Inputs
Record ON – On-site Storage
Record SC – Supplier Certificates Tracking

Record D – Seed and Planting Stock
Record D1 – Seed/ Stock Commercial Availability

Record LN – New Livestock
Record LS – Livestock Snapshot
Record LI -Livestock Inputs

Record OPP – Organic Product Profile

Declaration AI – Agricultural Input
Declaration B1 – Land Use History
Declaration B2 – Adjacent Land Use
Declaration C – Off-Farm Compost Input
Declaration D – Poultry Purchase
Declaration E – Entry to CO Areas
Declaration M – Manure Input
Declaration OF – Off-site Storage
Declaration T – Clean Truck

Are You Transferring From Another Certifier?
File Transfer Form

2023 Fee Schedule and Application Deadline

Please note that applications are due in by March 1st, 2023*

This years fees will be due by March 17th 2023, two weeks following the AGM.*

Failure to pay fees by the deadline (March 17th, 2023) will result in a late fee.

*This does not apply to new applicants, applying later in the season.

Payments can be submitted via

mailed to NOOA’s office 4834 Cedar Hill Road, Falkland BC V0E 1W1


For the NOOA 2023 Fee Schedule Click Here


** Please note the following changes that will be effective in 2019 **

These changes came about to clarify the process, as well as to keep costs down for the whole group (the reason many of us are not paying the full cost of the inspection is because of extensive coordination — this is only possible when everyone is on time with applications and payment).
– An earlier application deadline
– A higher late fee
– Paying full inspection fee if payment is late
– The applicant’s status will be changed to “Not in Good Standing”
– The applicant’s certificate will not be issued until they are a member in good standing

Fees include Associate Memberships for only $40 per year. Membership includes:
– a subscription to the quarterly publication, BC Organic Grower,
– access to a members list serve to share information, questions & resources,
– information about events, farm tours & workshops